Wall Surface Systems

Syntheon Accel-E

The ACCEL-E© Steel Thermal Efficient Panel (S.T.E.P.) wall system combines the strength of cold-formed steel framing with the insulation properties of expanded polystyrene (EPS).
The result is a thermally resistant, high performance building system that is strong, light in weight and energy efficient. Manufactured by SYNTHEON Inc., the ACCEL-E© STEP wall system offers a host of advantages over conventional building techniques including energy efficiency, faster installation time, labor savings, and more.
If you want to add greater construction efficiency and exceptional "green" value to your next project, then it's time to learn more about the ACCEL-E© STEP wall system.


Parex, a leader in the industry, offers a wide range of EIFS and STUCCO systems. EIFS offers design flexibility, excellent insulation, lower construction costs and long life exterior cladding both commercial and residential construction. Recent studies by Oakridge Laboratory has shown EIFS outperforms all other cladding with regards to insulating ability and moisture resistance.

Conventional Stucco and Exterior Cladding

Stucco is an excellent traditional exterior cladding finish system. Stucco has been commonly and successfully used for many years on residential and commercial building projects throughout North America.

Spokane Wall Systems supplies: Fibered Basecoat with dry-acryllic Bags, for 3/8" - 1" stucco systems and warranties are available with this system. Scratch & Brown pre-mix bags, for ready to use, just add water.

InSoFast LLC

InSoFast LLC., Engineered Insulation Panels, engineered performance for every project. Interior; Exterior; New Construction; Retrofits. InSoFast Panels...Eight construction processes in one simple panel: Wall Studs & Framing, Closed-Cell Insulation, Fully Insulated Studs, Drainage Channels, Wiring Chase Network, Class III Vapor Retarder, Weather Resistant Barrier, Solid Backing for Drywall.

Specialty Finishes

Arcus Stone

At ArcusStone we offer a complete system of crushed limestone coatings and plasters, with the durability and finish of quarried stone.

LaHabra Stucco

Focused as they are on the stucco business, LaHabra invests in production equipment and facilities to provide domestic and overseas customers with top-quality products at competitive prices. LaHabra is constantly searching out new raw materials and technologies that can advance the performance of traditional stucco systems.

Perma-Base Cement Board

National Gypsum: Perma-Base Cement Board & Interior Veneers- Perma-Base Cement Board Smooth, Perma-Base Cement Board Basecoat.

Variance Finishes

From old world venetian plasters and textured Tuscan stucco to natural stone looks, Variance Specialty Finishes provide the best in design and quality high-end decorative surface finishes.

Parex Weather Tech WRBs Air Barriers & Water Resistive Barriers

Parex Weather Tech WRBs Air Barriers & Water Resistive Barriers.
WeatherSeal Spray or Roll-on is a water-resistive & air-barrier vapor permeable membrane that offers ease of use, rapid installation, and exceptional flexibility. ABAA certified air barrier designed to maximize the energy efficiency of a structure.

Wall EIFS / Stucco Accessories


The Fortifiber® Building Systems Group manufactures building products that help protect builders and owners from water intrusion and moisture that can damage residential and commercial buildings.


CEMCO prides itself in offering one of the most broad product lines available in the light-gauge steel framing industry..

Plastic Components

PVC Accessories and plastic lath for stucco, drywall, EIFS..

Vinyl Corp.

Vinyl Corp. is one of the largest full line vinyl bead and trim manufacturers in the U.S. Product categories include beads, trims and control joints for Stucco/Plaster, Drywall, Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS), and Direct-applied Exterior Finish Systems (DEFS)..

Structa Wire Corp.

Manufacturer of welded wire products for the construction industry..


Nycon®, Inc., is a provider of reinforcing fibers, fiber dispensers, flowable fill, and concrete accessories.


All the right tools for securing insulation board with adhesive and/or mechanical attachments, embedding fiberglass mesh and base coating, and applying finishing coats.

Demand Products

Today we serve many unique, new construction industries like the EIFS, ICF, SIPs, AAC, and theatre industries. You'll also find many of our cutters, coatings, and accessories used in the theme park entertainment construction and theatre production companies around the world.

Flannery Trim Products

Flannery has manufactured aluminum, steel, and vinyl trims for the drywall and stucco industries for over 30 years. From the very beginning we recycled the scrap and leftover materials from our production facility in an attempt to reduce the cost of doing business as well as its impact on the world around us. We are thrilled to be a manufacturer of aluminum trims knowing full well the benefits of a product that can be recycled once its intended purpose comes to an end.